Shelby Car Museum Visit in Las Vegas

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There’s a lot of things to do in Las Vegas. One thing I haven’t done yet was visit the Shelby Car Museum, which is just across from Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was hot, there was traffic going through Vegas, but I thought it was totally worth it.

A nice 104F... good thing there's A/C everywhere.
A nice 104F… good thing there’s A/C everywhere.


New/different cars are frequently changed out at the Museum/Gift Shop, which makes it a bit of a surprise of what you’ll see next. There are also tours on weekdays at 10:30am where a knowledgeable staff person walks you through the museum, goes over Shelby’s history, and even lets you view portions of the shop (no cameras here, though). To top it off, all of this is completely free! There aren’t a lot of cars at the museum, but what is there is very neat.

Now there's a paint scheme!
Now there’s a paint scheme!


I must have this for my own wall - too cool.
I must have this for my own wall – too cool.


More photos of the Shelby cars are available via the Gallery Link below:

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