Test Fitting the Nissan S14 Coverlay Cover

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The Nissan 240SX is currently one of the most popular cult classic vehicles among many motorsport factions. From Time Attack, Autocross, Drifting, & even Hard-Parking (the act of parking your car and looking cool next to it haha), drivers everywhere realize now the value in these cars. The Nissan S13 and the Nissan S14, both 240SX models, are the cream of the crop in cheap and affordable driving fun. 

 S14 Coverlay Fitment-001

The only downside to picking up one of these recently is that time has really put strain on the cars aesthetically, specially the interior. Many Nissan S13 240SX vehicles have huge cracks running from where the dash meets their window all the way down to where the A/C controls are located and that, if you don’t know a s13 240SX, is a long way. While we have posted before on the Coverlay unit for the S13 before, now the same company plans to re-new the interiors of S14 owners everywhere as well. 

 S14 Coverlay 10-508-BLACK-001

This is the Nissan S14 240SX Coverlay. It is constructed of durable ABS Plastic and Vacuum Molded for an extremely, perfect fit (or very close to being perfect). As you can see it also comes with the necessary glue for a quick and easy install.

 S14 Coverlay Fitment-002

S14 Coverlay Fitment-003

 We wanted to perform a quick test fitting on one of our co-worker’s car just to see how different and accurately it went on the Nissan S14 dash. Here we have a couple of images of the car’s dash before we put on the Coverlay…

 S14 Coverlay Fitment-008

S14 Coverlay Fitment-007

 …and here are a couple of images of the unit on the car. From the pictures above one can tell that the texture present on the Coverlay does not mirror that of what is found on the S14 240SX exactly (in fact it is more S13 than S14), but it is definitely a close design. For guys with huge cracks on their dashes this should be a minor deterrent. I personally would prefer to have a slightly mismatched texture on the dash than a huge crack running along it. If you are trying to impress the ladies this idea will also fly with them very well too. 

 S14 Coverlay Fitment-006

This angle shows just how close the guys over at Coverlay actually got to the curves found on the OEM dash. There are tiny gaps in the images we are posting but once glued down they should be even more minimal. 

 S14 Coverlay Fitment-009

Again this unit is designed to fit right over the top of the existing dash and cover existing blemishes. With the glue provided one should easily be able to lay over the adhesive and simply press firmly. After the Glue has cured it will look as clean and form fitted as the image above without someone having to hold it like we were doing. 

Now that a solution exists for this very unsightly problem affecting everyone’s S14 240SX, there shouldn’t be an excuse for driving in a car with huge cracks running up and down the dashboard. Remember the good ol’ saying “Crack is Whack!”

Click here if you are interested in buying one of these Coverlays for your own S14!

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