2014 Redline Time Attack Round 5: Top Results

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Throughout the weekend of July 26th and the 27th, Redline Time Attack hosted its fifth round of competition at Streets of Willowsprings in Rosamond, California. The heat was suffocating that day and truly tested all vehicles out on the race tarmac that weekend. Check out all the action of this Time Attack session by clicking on the gallery button below.

Going down the post you’ll also find the list of top participants and podium winners in each class; each braving  the scorching summer heat out there in the desert this past weekend!

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-001
Unlimited RWD Class

01:24.966 #435 Roy Narvaez

01:28.835 #28 Frank Baker

01:36.354 #446 Stephanie Cemo

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-002
Modified RWD

01:26.967 #436 WWR Racing

01:27.057 #21 Mike Kang

01:29.976 #436 Scott Zamorano

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-003
Modified FWD

01:27.482 #448 Jay Valle

01:29.589 #17 Efrain Flores

01:30.864 #75 Craig Utter

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-004
Modified AWD

01:22.376 #383 Adam Knapik

01:22.562 #11 Justin Bordonaro

01:22.736 #437 John Carson

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-005
Street RWD

01:25.534 #13 Jay Laoharoj

01:28.248 #387 Brandon Camacho

01:28.294 #32 Tony Fuentes

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-006
Street FWD

01:27.857 #78 Kristian Wong

01:29.154 #50 Joel Etrata

01:29.556 #441 David Martinez

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-007
Street AWD

01:21.766 #45 Mark Jager

01:24.265 #15 Ray Ornelas

01:28.529 #33 Steven Steck

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-008
Enthusiast RWD

01:27.315 #158 Amir Bentatou

01:29.206 #102 Chris Hill

01:29.520 #32 Attila Acs

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-009
Enthusiast AWD

01:24.708 #434 Ken Kasitz

01:28.019 #59 Tony fuentes

01:28.389 #444 Damyan Tuchenishki

Top Place Finishers Redline TA RD 5-010
Enthusiast FWD

01:32.138 #60 Pow Billedo

01:34.927 #48 Kurt Songco

01:37.011 #406 Michael Bushrod

That Concludes the list of winners for this round. Congratulations to all the competitors of the 5th Round of Redline Time Attack competition and we hope to see you at the 6th round of competition.

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