2015 SCCA: CSCC SOLO RD6 Regional at Fontana

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Date: May 23rd- 24th, 2015

Event: 2015 SCCA CSCC SOLO RD6 Regional at Fontana

Location: Fontana, California Speedway

This nice and cloudy Memorial Day weekend (some of us like cool track days) the FR Sport team attended the 6th round of the Regional CSCC Autocross competition with the Subaru BRZ and WRX.

2015 SCCA CSCC Regional RD6 Fontana-046

The drivers competing in the FR Sport BRZ all performed amazingly well and placed high in their respective classes. Catherine Tran for example managed to win the first place trophy in the PAX Ladies class with an overall best time of 61.461 seconds.

2015 SCCA CSCC Regional RD6 Fontana-073

Alex Valencia and Terence Chang, also driving the FR Sport BRZ, were extremely close to each other during the competition with Alex netting the only trophy in the STX class with a time of 59.779 seconds. Terence was right behind him with a 0.396 time difference! It truly was an extremely close race with two of our awesome drivers.

2015 SCCA CSCC Regional RD6 Fontana-165

Max Hayter, one of the most dominant drivers for the FR Sport team, again commanded the Subaru WRX car. Sporting its new livery, the WRX battled with Tetsu Fukui and his BMW M3, ultimately coming in 2nd right behind Tetsu. Both drivers ended with trophies in the CST Class on a well matched duel.

The team’s next National Event will be held in the beautiful hills of Packwood, Washington and these regional events continue to serve as amazing practice sessions against some of SoCal’s best drivers.

2015 SCCA CSCC Regional RD6 Fontana-076

Below we have attached some of the suspension settings the FR Sport team continues to implement on the BRZ that Catherine, Alex, and Terence drove. If you have any questions on the parts used on the BRZ feel free to contact members of the FR Sport team as they love to share their knowledge with fellow club members.

2014 SCCA PROSOLO Championship Series at Packwood Washington-001d

2014 SCCA PROSOLO Championship Series at Packwood Washington-001e


The following tables also demonstrate all the key performance suspension parts used on the Subaru BRZ vehicle during the event and can be sourced from FR Sport directly. Click on the image of the part in order to be directed to the FR Sport website for more product details and information.

2015 SCCA CSCC Regional RD6 Fontana-075

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