2015 SCCA: First Impressions of the FR Sport BRZ

When switching from a 3.5l, 6 cylinder, 287hp Nissan 350z with 275ft lbs of torque to a 2.0l, 4 cylinder, 200hp Subaru BRZ with 150ft lbs of torque, one’s expectations of the car would  be rather pessimistic. There aren’t many times in my life that I’d had to go for less, hence my eating habits […]

The FR Sport BRZ Gets Some Sub Frame Rigidity

On a simple day where you don’t really feel like doing a grand install, you can pick up some Stance Sub frame collars and do a quick and easy install on the car. These collars reinforce the bushings at the four contact points in the sub frame and allows for better driver feedback and control. […]

The FR Sport Subaru BRZ aka “AutoX Killer” gets an OS Giken LSD

  To start the install off we needed to get some things out of the way, specially the exhaust. We removed the Exhaust as it was going to get in the way of removing the LSD housing so it had to go. If you are not familiar with this process please refer to our previous […]

The FR Sport BRZ Tests its New Goodies

The FR Sport Team put the BRZ on the tarmac and tested their  newest upgrades this past Sunday at the “Auto X Sundays #2” event at the Fontana Speedway. If you haven’t been following our feeds, a new OS Giken Super Lock LSD, a GReddy Cast Steel LSD cover, RS-R Suspension Components, and Enkei RPF1 Gold […]

How to Change the Oil in your Subaru BRZ

After driving the BRZ for a few thousand miles The FR Sport Team decided it was time to change the engine oil and document it. Because this was going to be the first time we did it, we wanted to share the process just so that other ZN6 owners have a solid idea on how […]