Limited Edition Chris Forsberg Shift Knob

Continuing their line of iconic shift knobs, Mishimoto has just released their latest entry into the “Athlete Series” with Chris Forsberg’s own Limited Edition model. The new limited edition shift knob features an all billet 6061 aluminum construction and comes with all the adapters you see above. These small aluminum threaded inserts allow the shift […]

Mishimoto Further Improves Changing Your Oil

For those of us with the need to want to know more about our car or have a custom Oil Cooler set up in our car, purchasing an Oil Sandwich Adapter that is as versatile as our innovation is truly important. Providing us, the sport compact tuners, with great aftermarket items like the adapter above […]

Mishimoto Introduces a Batch of Premium Baffled Oil Catch Cans

Most people that run Oil Catch Cans in their car will never reach the G forces that are present in competitive motorsports. For those however, that do continually smash their brains with outstanding G forces and fear their engine oil is probably doing the same throughout the catch can, Mishimoto says fear not.   They […]