Le Mans: Rooting for the Underdog

The recent coverage of Le Mans testing and qualifying has been getting extremely hectic. Tons of posts from famous racing teams keeps flooding our social media streams. Porsche team this, Toyota TS040 that. If the racing is as hectic as the media radiating from this event, it will surely be an epic competition. Nothing is […]

NISMO Sheds Light on GTR LM FWD System

We’ve been following NISMO’s great YouTube channel and recently they educated us on their new FWD System applied in their LMP1 NISMO GTR LM vehicle. FWD drive essentially stands for Front Wheel Drive and the NISMO GTR LM race car will be one of the first ever to apply this configuration of drivetrain. If you have sec […]

GT Academy Nismo GT-R’s Make Debut at COTA

The ever popular Nissan GT Academy Nismo GT-R’s made their official debut this month at the Circuit of the Americas for the first round of the Pirelli World Challenge in Austin, Texas. The quickly formed teams showed great results considering they were put together just 3 weeks before. With the know how the Nismo brand […]

NISMO’s Spare Part Bins Are Pure Epicness!

Having to sponsor top tier race teams means coughing up excessive amounts of money for race parts. Luckily for NISMO they are the producers of race parts and this video has Tom Starey, from NISMO GT-R Racing Support, giving us a walk-through of some of the race parts they provide to race teams. JRM Racing […]

Imagery of the 2nd Annual Nissan Jam 2014 is Now Live!

Date: June 15, 2014 Event: 2nd Annual Nissan Jam 2014 Location: Connel Nissan Costa Mesa   The Nissan Jam event was held at Connel Nissan this past weekend. This past weekend’s event was their second annual gathering.  The show was from the same people who brought JCCS to us and is designated for all Nissan […]

An Intimate Look at the 2015 Nismo Edition 370Z

Recently a new re-fresh of the Nissan 370Z Nismo Edition was released at “ZDAYZ” on the west coast to much fanfare. Most of the people at the event were strong aficionados of the car so it’s only right that the car receive such praise there. But what about the hardcore guys like us that are […]