The FR Sport SCCA Team Travels to Washington for the PRO SOLO Championship

Date: July 12th-13th, 2014 Event: 2014 SCCA PRO SOLO Championship at Packwood Washington Location: Packwood, Washington The 2013 FR Sport Subaru BRZ and SCCA team made it out to Packwood Washington last weekend for the 2014 SCCA PRO SOLO Championship Series and ended up doing pretty well in the event. The team crossed three state […]

Perfect Imperfections- The 2013 Knapik Racing S14

All race cars have a story, and this one is no different. Going from a base model 240sx with a KA, to a fully decked out engine swapped street car, casual track days, “spirited” canyon trips, crashes, burning down, rebuilding, and much much more; here is what the 2013 version of Adam Knapik’s “RS”14 looked […]

The FR Sport Subaru BRZ aka “AutoX Killer” gets an OS Giken LSD

  To start the install off we needed to get some things out of the way, specially the exhaust. We removed the Exhaust as it was going to get in the way of removing the LSD housing so it had to go. If you are not familiar with this process please refer to our previous […]

The FR Sport BRZ Tests its New Goodies

The FR Sport Team put the BRZ on the tarmac and tested their  newest upgrades this past Sunday at the “Auto X Sundays #2” event at the Fontana Speedway. If you haven’t been following our feeds, a new OS Giken Super Lock LSD, a GReddy Cast Steel LSD cover, RS-R Suspension Components, and Enkei RPF1 Gold […]

OS Giken SoPac Super Regional June 2013 @ El Toro: The five-dollar heartbreak

To start, here’s a description of the OS Giken Super Regional (from the event flyer): “The Southern Pacific Super Regional Autocross Championship is a two day national style solo autocross event consisting of three runs per day, per competitor. Finishing order will be determined by combining a competitor’s fastest score from Saturday’s course with their […]