Lamborghini Introduces the 2015 Huracan GT3

Just when you thought a car couldn’t possibly get any more aggressive, companies like Lamborghini go and prove you wrong. Behold the 2015 Lamborghini GT3 Vehicle. From this angle it seems the raging bull company was able to extract all that was mean and rowdy from the Sesto Elemento concept in terms of design cues. […]

Mercedes-Benz Debuts a Living Room for the Road

Today at the 2015 CES Show in Las Vegas the mad scientists at Mercedes-Benz announced to the masses just exactly how they want to their new Autonomous Driving Vehicle to be viewed as; “A Baller’ Living Room! Well, ok maybe with a little more sophistication. The New F 015 Luxury in Motion concept vehicle by […]

The Hottest 10 Cars at the 2014 LA Autoshow

Navigating the expansive space that is the Los Angeles Convention Center is always such a treat for passionate car people like myself. I take joy in checking out all the new cars and capturing them in their best light. There are however, some cars that truly strike a chord in our hearts and leave a […]

Subaru Unveils New Vision Gran Turismo Design

Witnessing¬†Hyper Car companies like Ferrari or Lamborghini release vehicle after vehicle in Gran Turismo’s collaboration with various car designers is pretty cool. When a company releases a car that could potentially be owned someday by us, non-millionaires, is even better. This just is exactly what happened today when Subaru Revealed their Vision Gran Turismo Project […]

McLaren Releases More Info on P1 GTR & Driver Programme

After the concept for the McLaren P1 GTR was unveiled at this year’s 2014 Concourse D’elegance, details continue to leak on what will be one of the most exclusive car clubs in the world. The car club resembles¬†one similarly created for the Ferrari 599XX Evo but knowing McLaren’s thirst for flair will probably feature some […]

Mazda Unveils Global MX-5 ND Cup Racecar

For those looking to get into racing but do not have the budget a formula 1 team has, Mazda officially introduced the first parts of its plan to roll out one great 4th Gen Miata based series in 2016 and the race car that will run in said series. Above is a mere sample introduced […]