Gotta Cool It Now – Power Steering and Hard Driving

One of the things I absolutely do not miss about driving my car when it was KA24DE-T powered was the constant leaking from the power steering reservoir after my autox runs. Some people ran a small power steering cooler to help. I was lucky enough to be able to find a custom power steering reservoir […]

Fat Chance… Kandi 2.0 Gets Wider Tires

While the FRSport crew has been busy tweaking and trophying locally at El Toro during the July 4th weekend & at National Tour/Pro events at Crow’s Landing & Packwood, I have been hard at work trimming, fitting, trimming some more, and refitting wider tires onto my 240sx in hopes of being able to run some […]

Take it to the Track! First Track Day with the new 240sx build

After I was finished with putting Kandi 2.0 together, I took the 240sx to a local autocross to give her the initial shakedown. Everything went better than expected, so when the guys from FRSPORT.COM invited me to go with them to Round 2 of Redline Time Attack, I hustled to make some changes I needed […]

It’s… ALIVEEEEEEEE! Kandi 2.0 Grand Re-Opening

It’s been many months since I’ve updated progress on the car, but for good reason! School started picking up again, so the project was kind of on hold for a lot of 2013 & I wanted to have some significant progress before posting again. I also wanted to finish her up and debut her at […]

I Like Big Wheels, and I Cannot Lie

At one point, my car had all its body panels, suspension, and drivetrain… then I pulled it all out again. Feels like I’m working backwards! On a positive note, since I had to pull the engine again to fix some miscellaneous issues, I was able to make space to get some more optional bracing installed […]

Mother Father Instant Gentleman

With the drivetrain in and the suspension installed, I noticed I had a bunch of body kit parts lying against the wall. They shouldn’t be on the wall, they should be on my car! I had originally picked up this body kit to install on Kandi 1.0 after my off-course excursion during one the of […]