Le Mans: Rooting for the Underdog

The recent coverage of Le Mans testing and qualifying has been getting extremely hectic. Tons of posts from famous racing teams keeps flooding our social media streams. Porsche team this, Toyota TS040 that. If the racing is as hectic as the media radiating from this event, it will surely be an epic competition. Nothing is […]

NISMO Sheds Light on GTR LM FWD System

We’ve been following NISMO’s great YouTube channel and recently they educated us on their new FWD System applied in their LMP1 NISMO GTR LM vehicle. FWD drive essentially stands for Front Wheel Drive and the NISMO GTR LM race car will be one of the first ever to apply this configuration of drivetrain. If you have sec […]

Jay Leno Goes Over The SpeedHunters FR-S in Detail

Jay Leno is a master collector of vintage vehicles and hyper supercars. His YouTube, Jay Leno’s Garage, channel usually showcases amazing vintage restorations along with visits from heads of design from companies such as Chevrolet or Jaguar. This week he went over the winner of the FR-S Tuner Challenge with one of its designer, Keith Charvonia, and […]

Toyota TMG’s Facility is an Awesome #TBT Goldmine.

Recently the guys over at XCAR made short documentary film about Toyota TMG’s cars, nestled in a facility on the outskirts of Cologne, Germany. In the video which we have shared with you guys below, John Day, a Toyota Motorsports Gmbh Legend, goes on to narrate about why this place is so special. While he […]

This is One Angry Miata MX-5

Following the media frenzy that was Mike Whiddett’s Madbull RX7 drift build, we should be preparing ourselves for another insane creation from the same man. Below is the latest video released by Red Bull, showing an update to this incredible Mazda Miata MX5 build. Yes that’s right a “Miata”. The video goes on to detail […]

SCCA 2015: Topsy-Turvy, Hella Curvy Regional Championship Weekend #2

It is awkwardly refreshing when a course designer is able to really deliver a challenge to the drivers in a SCCA autocross. Being a part of the Southern Pacific region, we are rather spoiled with a multitude of surfaces, amazing weather, and die-hard career Autocrossers. With these factors, the pace was set this past weekend […]