NISMO’s Spare Part Bins Are Pure Epicness!

Having to sponsor top tier race teams means coughing up excessive amounts of money for race parts. Luckily for NISMO they are the producers of race parts and this video has Tom Starey, from NISMO GT-R Racing Support, giving us a walk-through of some of the race parts they provide to race teams. JRM Racing […]

Jay Leno Hoons Around the Hills of LA in New Corvette Z06

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube] Jay Leno took a brand new, black Corvette Z06 around the hills of Hollywood and hooned’ around for a bit until a Police SUV Patrol unit flashed him and his guest ending the episode. The episode highlights some of the power and interior upgrades of the new Corvette vehicle. As in previous […]

Honda Teases 2015 Civic Type R in Bi Polar Video

Honda recently released the trailer above announcing the release of their short film “The OtheR Side”. Honda Emphasizes here the R as in Type R and features the 2015 Civic Type R that is set to debut in Europe and Japan next year. The actual video can be viewed on the Honda YouTube page and […]

And You Thought Your Model Car Was Good

Being an art major and having a true appreciation for all things handmade was one of the main reasons that this short bio pic captured my attention. It’s a quick video by Obscura Magazine about Philip Mitchell, a professional and degree certified model builder; yes you heard right, this guy got a degree in modeling […]

The Ongoing 2014 Super Bowl Car Commercial Post!

Its that time again when vehicle manufacturers hire the best marketing agencies (because we know they are not this witty) to create million dollar commercials for their cars. They hire the most famous people, have the most extravagant content, and some of them are straight up, ridiculously funny!  Below we will posting some of the […]

The Nissan Sports Concept, named best at 2014 NAIAS

There isn’t a lot that hasn’t already been said about the gorgeous Nissan Sport Sedan released at the North American International Auto Show this past week, so instead we’ll keep things short and lead you straight to the gallery of images provided to us by Nissan.  The all new concept debuted at NAIAS, is a […]