Imagery of Roadster Cup Round 6 @ Mazfest 2014

Date: August 16, 2014 Event: Roadster Cup Round 6 – Mazfest 2014 Location: WSIR – Streets of Willow (CCW) Mazfest 2014 landed on the 16th of August this year and the ExtremeSpeed Roadster Cup was held on the same day as well. Just like last year, Mazda lovers came out to Willow Springs International Raceway, […]

Cooling Down for The Hot Summer Daze…..

With the recent rise in temperatures, tracking the Miata in the summer has been quite an interesting experience. The last round of Roadster Cup that I competed in was at Big Willow at WSIR (Willow Springs International Raceway). The ambient temperatures were nearing triple digits which makes on track temperatures even greater. During the morning sessions, […]

Roadster Shakedown Weekend

Since February’s event with Extreme Speed at Buttonwillow Raceway Park and competing in round two of their Roadster Cup, I have been working on a new setup for my Miata. While buying parts and modifying the car, I budgeted my finances so that I could spend my money on the best modification of all: Seat […]

2nd Round of The XS Roadster Cup

Hey Guys! Bench Here, The 2nd round of the Extreme Speed Roadster cup had just passed on the 22nd of February. There were countless of cars that day and of course the typical miatas were there.  It was a “track day bro” as said on the regular car reviews. Along with the 2nd round of […]

Tomei Adds Serious Tuning Parts to the Mazda Miata (NCEC) Roadster

Tomei, master of all that is Japanese performance parts, has just added some formidable tuning parts to their catalog for the already quick and nimble Mazda Miata (NCEC) Roadster.    The most noticeable addition to their inventory is a complete race-ready Expreme Exhaust System Package ($990.00), which replaces the heavy stock parts. This system exponentially […]

FRSport at MAZFEST 2013

Every time the FRSport Team goes out to an event event we try to show up with as much stuff as we can possibly take in order to satisfy the needs and wants of our customer base. MAZFEST 2013 at the Willow Springs International Raceway was no different. We went out to interact with the […]