Top Drift FD ProAm: Round 1

The Top Drift FD ProAm 2015 round one has come and gone. For the first time the car and myself were ready to go at least 2 weeks before the event. Honestly it almost felt weird not having to working on it the night before until the late hours….. I think I’ll make this a […]

Top Drift Round 4

The last round of Top Drift is always fun. The track is a banked oval with concrete walls that the judges and crowd like to see you get nice and close to and the event is held later at night, keeping most cars happy because of lower temperatures. So naturally I was excited. We loaded […]

Top Drift Round 3 at Walt James Stadium

The 3rd round of Top Drift has come and gone and let me tell you, I had an idea of how it might have gone, and it went the exact opposite. We started off by being about an hour and a half late because they closed the 5 freeway down due to a major accident. We […]

Test Fitting the Nissan S14 Coverlay Cover

The Nissan 240SX is currently one of the most popular cult classic vehicles among many motorsport factions. From Time Attack, Autocross, Drifting, & even Hard-Parking (the act of parking your car and looking cool next to it haha), drivers everywhere realize now the value in these cars. The Nissan S13 and the Nissan S14, both […]

Super Lap Battle 2013

 The weeks leading up to Super Lap Battle where filled with countless long nights, and more cash withdraws (and credit card swipes) than one would ever like to admit or even look back on. Super Lap Battle seems to be THE time attack event held at Button Willow Raceway. Most the heavy hitters attend this […]

Redline Time Attack Rd. 3: Chuckwalla Raceway

Round 3 of Redline Time Attack saw us going to Chuckwalla Raceway in the city of Desert Center, about an hour East of Palm Springs.   With a brand new suspension set up from Cusco Suspensions with Swift springs, the team was excited to get some practice laps in and see how we would be […]