In the Hot Seat with Bryan Heitkotter

If you are in the sim world of racing, then I am sure you have heard of Bryan Heitkotter. Not sure who Bryan is? Well, let me introduce you. Originally from Fresno, California, Bryan has taken a unique path into his racing career, which may be the newer norm for racing enthusiast. What started out […]

Our coverage of the LA Autoshow

Last week me and my co-worker Leyna Nguyen had an amazing time covering what was this year’s Los Angeles Autoshow. The show was held as always at the LA Convention Center right next to the Staples Center and the Nokia Theater.  This year’s show was something special to say the least and will be remembered […]

GODZILLA LIVES: The 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo Edition

“Refinement is the improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes”, according to Google. An image of the 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo Edition should be added to that definition since it essentially embodies that word. Ever since the genesis of the GT-R, refinement is all that it has underdone. From the earliest […]

Godzilla on a Frozen Lake = Epic!

If there were to be another movie about Godzilla it would very likely take place in the frozen tundra. Not very likely is the production of said movie though. The next best thing however, is this video from Nissan Europe attempting to break the speed record on natural ice. Our only question is how will […]

Nissan & Nismo Become Exclusive Partners, Again.

NISMO is to Nissan what bread is to butter. They have always gone hand in hand. Recent news only enhances these views however. On February 25, 2013 Nissan put out a statement claiming that NISMO is officially Nissan’s exclusive world-wide performance car and motorsports brand. This is something most of us have already known but […]

The 2014 Nissan GT-R “Track Edition” visits Joshua Tree

It seems that just when you have figured that they could not  make the Nissan GT-R any more better, the crazy speed-scientists at Nissan out-do themselves once again. There is also no better place to unleash this new beast than in Southern California’s “Joshua Tree National Wilderness Park”. This is the new 2014 Nissan GT-R “Track […]