Team FR Sport Scores Another 1st Place in STX

Date: August 17th, 2014 Event: 2014 SCCA Regional at the El Toro MCAS RD 9 Location: Irvine, California In the super hot summer this past weekend, team FR Sport landed yet another STX win and a solid performance by all of their drivers. Steve O’Blenes, Mike Yanase, and Catherine Tran were in action tearing up the […]

TRD Japan Introduces Two Griffon Based GT86 Concepts

On August 3, 2013, TRD Japan released two new concept Toyota GT86 Cars that noticeably take stylistic cues from the company’s “Griffon” Race car.  TRD released a both a track ready version of the GT86 as well as a street oriented vehicle at the Fuji 86Style festival in Japan. Both of these cars are mere concepts as […]

The FR Sport BRZ Gets Some Sub Frame Rigidity

On a simple day where you don’t really feel like doing a grand install, you can pick up some Stance Sub frame collars and do a quick and easy install on the car. These collars reinforce the bushings at the four contact points in the sub frame and allows for better driver feedback and control. […]

Five:AD Pushing the Boundaries of Design for the FR-S

While strolling through the park in front of the Queen Mary at Long Beach for the 2014 Toyotafest, I  happened to come across the Five:AD booth nestled in the middle of the recent car show.  What caught my attention wasn’t their awesome display of intricately designed wheels,   Or their ever popular rear spoilers, which […]

Scion Releases the 2014 Scion FR-S Series 1.0

Today at the 2014 New York Auto Show Scion unveiled their first “Series” release within the FR-S line up. If you are not familiar with these limited releases, all they usually entail are superficial cosmetic updates to specific cars in their line up and the 2014 Scion FR-S Series 1.0 is essentially just that.    […]

The FR Sport Subaru BRZ aka “AutoX Killer” gets an OS Giken LSD

  To start the install off we needed to get some things out of the way, specially the exhaust. We removed the Exhaust as it was going to get in the way of removing the LSD housing so it had to go. If you are not familiar with this process please refer to our previous […]