2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4 Competition Day Results

On the weekend of June 21st and 22nd some of the fastest and most seasoned Time Attack guys put the pedal to the metal and competed in the 4th Round of the Time Attack Series. The event was held at the Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond California. Some notable names that have been staying […]

Perfect Imperfections- The 2013 Knapik Racing S14

All race cars have a story, and this one is no different. Going from a base model 240sx with a KA, to a fully decked out engine swapped street car, casual track days, “spirited” canyon trips, crashes, burning down, rebuilding, and much much more; here is what the 2013 version of Adam Knapik’s “RS”14 looked […]

VOODOO 13 Executes MIL-SPEC Standards with Style

As time goes on the demand for quality and heavy duty performance parts exponentially increases. VOODOO 13 takes a great approach to this need within the industry with their MIL-SPEC suspension components. VOODOO 13 supplies suspension parts for street, drift, and road racing cars. With the their military spec standards, the durability, and sustainability of […]

Take it to the Track! First Track Day with the new 240sx build

After I was finished with putting Kandi 2.0 together, I took the 240sx to a local autocross to give her the initial shakedown. Everything went better than expected, so when the guys from FRSPORT.COM invited me to go with them to Round 2 of Redline Time Attack, I hustled to make some changes I needed […]

2014 Redline Time Attack RD 1 Competition Day Results

Last Sunday, February 23rd 2014 the official start of the 2014 Redline Time Attack Season got underway and we were extremely surprised at the vehicles and people who made it out. Our fellow co-worker Adam Knapik, who is at the helm of the Massimo Power Mitsubishi Evo, made a tremendous debut practically sweeping all the […]